MuhlenbergElementary School


 Historical Facts    

Erected: 1928
Renovations/Additions: 1954
Sq. Footage: 66,760
Muhlenberg Elementary School was named in honor of John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg, a Lutheran pastor, who served as an officer under George Washington in the Revolutionary War.  His father, Henry Melchior Muhlenberg, was patriarch of the Lutheran Church in the American Colonies.  Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA was named after Henry Melchior Muhlenberg in 1867, and Muhlenberg Elementary School will celebrate his 300th birthday during 2011, with students and staff learning about the school’s namesake and visit the college.
The original portion of the school facing 21st Street was erected in 1929 with an annex added in 1954.  It was originally supposed to be a junior high school, but the population increased too quickly and it was designated an elementary school.  Residents living near the city in ParklandSchool District have been known to have paid tuition to send their children to Muhlenberg Elementary School.
When Muhlenberg was built, there were no houses west of 22nd Street.  It housed grades K-5 with its sixth graders going to Jackson.  Everyone brought their own lunches.  The library, originally located on the third floor but now on the first floor, was completely gutted and rebuilt during summer 2005.  Local businesses through the Alvin H. Butz Co. donated all of the materials and labor, and Debora Roberson, partner in Roberson Butz Architects donated their services for the renovation.  The new library was dedicated on October 5, 2005.  
Famous students: Amanda Seyfried (actress), Deborah Heiligman (children's book author) and Lara Jill Miller (actress).